Garden Terrace Garden Terrace
Green Door Montorno Green Door Montorno
Montorno Home Montorno Home
Seravezza Falls Seravezza Falls
Shed with Arbor Shed with Arbor
Versilio River Versilio River
Village Overlook Village Overlook
Walled Alleyway Walled Alleyway
Stanza di Bidello Stanza di Bidello
Cobb Island Cobb Island
High Tide High Tide
Seaside Farm Seaside Farm
Sunset, Crumb Hill Road Sunset, Crumb Hill Road
The “Betty” The “Betty”
Tidal Marsh Tidal Marsh
Camp Bath Camp Bath
Chairs Chairs
Cottage Suite Cottage Suite
Mirror Mirror
Paneled Cabin Paneled Cabin
Silent Breeze Silent Breeze
Yellow Room Yellow Room
Yellow Striped Room Yellow Striped Room
Low Country Morning Low Country Morning
Atelier Atelier
Bay Sunset Bay Sunset
Farmland Farmland
Chandelier Chandelier
Bluff Point II Bluff Point II
Chesapeake I Chesapeake I
Chesapeake II Chesapeake II
San Miguel Field San Miguel Field
Chesapeake IV Chesapeake IV
Cowpasture River Cowpasture River
Chesapeake III Chesapeake III
Doorway Doorway
Garden Shed at Night Garden Shed at Night
Bluff Point I Bluff Point I
Garden Shed Garden Shed
Gilbert’s Boat I Gilbert’s Boat I
Great Oaks Manor Great Oaks Manor
San Miguel Fountain San Miguel Fountain
Green Cay Green Cay
Guana Bay Guana Bay
Hayfield Hayfield
Horse Camp Horse Camp
Late Winter Fields Late Winter Fields
Low Country Tide Low Country Tide
San Miguel Trees San Miguel Trees
Marsh Narrows Marsh Narrows
River Bend River Bend
Mountain Sunset Mountain Sunset
Piedmont Snow Piedmont Snow
Pond Pond
Low Country Marsh Low Country Marsh
Seaside Farm Seaside Farm
Seaside Seaside
Studio Studio
Sunset on the Bay Sunset on the Bay
Up the Creek Up the Creek
The Bicycle The Bicycle
San Miguel Street San Miguel Street

“Art is so much a part of my life and me as a person. I show some, sell some. That is not my primary motivation. I love to do it, love to be around other artists, love going to galleries. It is my passion.”

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